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These are pages where Lewes AC members can put up their personal running goals for the year. The goals can take any form!
"<" means "under"

If you have achieved your 2016 goal please copy and paste this  and put it next to it.
If not, you can copy and paste this x and resolve for 2018!

Goals for 2017

  Name 5k 10k Half Marathon Marathon Off-road
Other goals  
  Andrew Chitty   <41:00  x     Beachy Head <4:00  x    
  Mike Green <17:45 <38:00 <1:25        
  Gustavo Iriarte <18:27 <37:46 <1:23 <2:59      
  Megan Taylor <18:50 <39:00 <1:30     Get back to start of 2016 race times!  
  Michael Bale <18:00 <38:30       Don't come last in World Aquathlon Champs  
  John Dryden <20:00 <40:00 <1:30   Beachy Head <4:00    
  David Prince-Iles <21:00 <45:00 <1:42        
  Lydia Godfrey    <40:00x <1:30x <3:20 Beachy Head <4:00x