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  10/03/18 Speed and pace

Warm-up ended with 'Weaves' game (as on the Run Leader Support website). Main session: 'Whistle Stop Surprise' (basically a pyramid format, with alternating bursts of fast running – increasing from 1min to 2mins to 3mins to 4mins and then decreasing back down to 1min – interspersed with 30secs of slow walking/jogging, the 'surprise' element being that the intervals were not announced in advance but merely signalled by a blast on the whistle)

Speed and pace
main session: 2 x 2 laps of Indian file running (first single file, then double file), framed by 2 x 1 lap meet-and-retreat pair running Mark


  16/06/18 speed and pace main session: 2 x 'Team Relays' over 2 laps with staggered starts (ie. with 4 teams of 3, all No.1s run 200m, then jog/walk 100m, then run 200m etc; No.2s start when No.1s reach 200m mark; No.3s start when No.2s reach 200m mark; everyone follows the 200m/100m run/jog pattern until a 200m run brings them back to the start-line, which should be after 2 full laps during which each participant will have run 600m and jogged 200m ); 2 x 'Lapping It Up' (a variation on pair-running in which all runners set off around the track; when the fastest runner reaches the start-line, the whistle blows, everyone stops still and takes a 30-second recovery rest; then, on the next whistle, they all turn round and run back the way they came; so, in theory, if they all maintain a constant pace, they should all arrive back at the start-line at the same time); 2 laps of single-file Indian running Mark  
  23/06/18  endurance  4x6 mins (3 mins) Karin D  


6 x90sec, one min recovery. 2 min rest. 6 x90sec, one minute recovery.



(Just for the record) No one came to run.

  14/07/18  Pace

  Warm up incorporating theme of the main session working on running hard out and then a recovery walk/jog back

  Main session    half lap running hard/ half lap recovery walk/jog

                           1 lap running hard/ 1 lap recovery walk/jog

                           2 laps running hard/ 1 lap recovery walk/jog

                            1 lap running hard/ 1 lap recovery walk/jog

                            half lap running hard/ half lap recovery walk/jog

  Stretches to finish


  Warm ups with no props.

  Main session = pyramids 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 3, 1

  Stretches to finish

 Richard (for John)  
  28/07/18 Running form

Off track sessions. Warm ups at the track. Preparation run up to Juggs Road.  5 x 8sec hill sprints with 30secs static recovery.  Recovery run back to track.  Stretches


Park Run

  11/08/18 Circuits

Out to Priory Ruins. Circuits comprising; Squarts, Tricep dips, press ups, plank x count of 10 each. Run to top level and back x 5 repeats.

  18/08/18 Pace, tempo and fitness

Warm-up ending with 'Weaves' game. Main session: 'Fitness Tracker' across 3 laps (including 10 x star jumps, 10 x squats and 10 x press-ups at 100m intervals); 2 x 'Lapping It Up' (variation of meet-and-retreat); 1 lap of 'Indian File'; cool-down


Warm up laps and drills, then Indian file pyramid: 1-2-3-2-1 laps indian file running (lap just under three minutes each); cool down lap


Karin R  


John (for Richard)  









Warm-up / pyramid run: 1–2–3–4–5–4–3–2–1 mins (aiming at 5k pace) with 1 min recoveries / Cool-down stretches