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  Date Session
Technical and session detail Session
  7 Jan Speed Silly hat relay! Divided into teams of 3 of mixed ability. Each individual ran 200 metres x 8 =1600metres. Total for each team = 4.2k / First team came through in 21.14. Winning team presented with biscuits to go with morning coffee! Jan & Colin  
  14 Jan Endurance Warmup – mobility followed by core strength drills: side lunges, “skater hops” and single and double leg hopping (controlled landing). Longer intervals – 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 7 minutes each with 2 minute static recovery. Siobhan  
  21 Jan Pyramid 1 min (1 min recovery), 2 mins (1 min), 3 mins (2 mins) 4 mins (2 mins) 5 mins (2 mins), 4 mins (2 mins) 3 mins (2 mins), 2 mins (1 min) 1 min. Karin  
  28 Jan Encourage technique/ dynamic build up/ speed and awareness. Main session:  Put into pairs (1 slower/1 faster runner). The pairs ran in opposite directions from the start line. We asked them to push themselves.   When the faster runners met their slower partner, the slower runner turned and they both ran back to the start line together. 2 minute recovery x 4 repeats Jan & Colin  
  4 Feb Tempo Low hurdle technical (run through with various arm positions to test posture)
Main: 10 minute tempo segments x 3 with 3min recoveries. Distance measured per set/person & reviewed
  11 Feb

Mixed speed & form

(maintaining upright posture, high knees, dorsiflex feet, not swinging shoulders etc without the use of the arms to exagerate the form)

Warm up: Mobilsation with Anne

Technical: Low & medium hurdles with arms in various static positions (over head, on head, out to side, out in front & down at sides) x 2 sets 

                Flying 20's (20m build up/20m full speed/20m slow down) x 5 repeats

Repeat hurdles using low hurdles only – same arm positions x 2 repeats (maintaining form under fatigue)

Main: Indian file x 5 mins x 2 repeats in 2 groups

  18 Feb Endurance

Warm up: Working down the body/ stretches

Preliminary: Teams - given 2 minutes taking it in turns to run to fetch dusters

Main:  Paired work - each person runs 800m when returns recover while other person runs 800m x 3

Cool down: - stretch demonstrations from different members of the group

  25 Feb Endurance/pacing

Warm up- Active- jog, high knees,bum flicks, jumping jacks, side step/high knees. And repeat.

Technical- fundamental movement- double leg. Squats- static and active.

Session. Parlauf in teams of 3; 4x800m

Cool down.

  4 Mar Technique/Speed (Cadence)

Warm up

Technical : drills; march/skip/run. Cadence check

Session; 2 x lap, last 1/2 home streat speed, times 2; recovery; repeat laps/speed 8 x 400m = 3200m Cadence check


  11 Mar Endurance/pace

Warm up; run, mobilisation, drills.

Technical: Strength/plyometrics.

Session: 2 x (5 mins, 3 mins,2 x 2 mins). 20 mins total. Regroup recovery. Change of pace as distance reduces.

Cooldown: run, stretch.

  18 Mar  

Warm ups paying particular attenton to leg mobilisation

Technical - form under fatigue; Hurdle course; 6 x low and 6 x med high. Asked group to go over at pace whilst keeping form. Used hill between reps x 5 reps in all

Main session - tempo sets with decreasing recoveries; 4 mins run+2.0 min static / 4 mins run+1.45min  static /4 min run+1.5min min static / 4 min run + 1 min static/ 4 min run

Cool down/stretching etc

  25 Mar  Speed endurance

Warm up- drill focus on speed and form

Main session- 4x200 (30 secs) x 4 with 3 mins between sets.

Cool down- jog lap and stretch

  1 April Endurance/pace

Warm up- upper body and ankle mobilisation, active drills - leg swings, leg cycling, lateral lunges, cariocas, skating, skipping

Main session- team running 3 per team 400m in cycled pairs (1, 1&2, 2&3, 3&1, etc.) - each runner to do 4 sets.

Cool down- jog lap and stretch

  8 April   Pace

Warm up - working down body mobilisation, high knees, skipping, cariocas, etc

Main session -

  • practice short run on warm up area 2 x laps counting steps (e.g. every time right foot hits ground) compare steps on each lap
  • 2 x 200 counting steps, stopping at each 200 to record steps/recover - compare steps on each lap
  • 2 x 200 timed, stopping at each 200 to be given time/recover - compare times on each lap
  • 2 x 400 counting steps, stopping at each 400 to record steps/recover - compare steps on each lap
  • 2 x 400 timed, stopping at each 400 to be given time/recover - compare times on each lap
  • Feedback for what each runner found out   

Cool down - demonstrating own stretches/ group copy


Colin & Jan  
  15 April  

Warm ups

Mobilisation drills - ladder

Circuits; 400 lap + pressups/tricep dips/hill/squats/lunges x 5

Cool down 

Bev & Alex  
  22 April
Beg start