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Updated 26/06/2017:  The results of the June 12th events are now available on the svl results page.

The entry form for the July 10th events is at the foot of this page.  To add your name to the form edit the page as described below.

To edit this page hover on V above right, then click on edit, then type your changes in, then click on Save below.

Dates and locations:

Monday 10th July (Lewes)
Wednesday 26th July (Eastbourne)

All starting times are 18.00 (for 18.30)
Details of the specific events (and age groups) taking place at each meeting are available on the pdf below.
If you would like to take part in one of these meetings, please sign up below.  The sign-up table for the next event will be published shortly.
Or you can notify our women's or men's team captain, Karin Divall ( or Richard Moore (, giving your event preferences and age band.
Karin and Richard will compile a list to take on the evening and negotiate with Haywards Heath to produce the best combined team of 'scoring' competitors.
Even if you are not chosen as 'scoring' you will be able to compete as 'non-scoring' in as many events as you want.


Age groups are V35, V50 and V60, for both men and women.
Age group is by age on the day of the match.
Athletes can compete in an age group below their own but must declare which age group they are competing in before the event.
In all individual track events the V35 age group is open to one A- and one a B-string competitor from each club, but the V50 and V60, where offered, are for A one-string competitor only.
In field events all age groups are open to one A-string competitor only.
Additional athletes can take part in track and field events as 'non-scoring'.
Throws and horizontal jumps are limited to 3 trials only.
Relay races are open to any mix of eligible athletes.


For each event and for each age group offered:
On the men's side, a first position scores 7 points, a 2nd position 6 points etc. down to 6th position 2 points.
On the women's side, a first position scores 6 points, a 2nd position 5 points etc. down to 6th position 1 point.
The V35 A-string and B-string track races as two different events.
The team score is the total of all individual team members' scores.

Monday 10th July

Start time Event Team Age group Name Predicted time Name Predicted time Name Predicted time Name Predicted time Name Predicted time Name Predicted time
18:30 Shot Put Women 35                        
18:30 Discus Men 35                        
18:40 2000m walk M & W 35                        
19:00 Triple Jump Men 35                        
19:00 Pole Vault M & W 35                        
19:05 800m Men 35                        
19:15 800m Women 35                        
19:20 Discus Women 35                        
19:25 200m Men 35                        
19:35 200m Women 35                        
19:35 Javelin Men 35                        
19:45 3000m Men 35                        
19:50 Long jump Women 35                        
20:00 5000m Women 35                        
20:30 4 x 200m relay Men                          
20:45 4 x 200m relay Women                          

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