how to find your England Athletics number

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As a member of Lewes AC you are registered with England Athletics and have an England Athletics 'Unique Registration Number' (URN), also sometimes alled a 'UKA affiliation number'

You can use this number to get discounts on many races.

You should have been sent your EA number when you first joined the club, but you can always find it again using this method:


(1) Log in to LoveAdmin 

(2) Go to the Personal Details tab (if you are not already there)

(3) Scroll to the bottom of the form to see your EA number


By the way if you notice any details on your form that are incorrect please update them and then click on Save at the bottom.


Once you know your EA number then, if you want to, you can use it to access and update your personal page on the UKA website:


(1) Go to the UKA My athletics portal 

(2) Put in your URN

(3) Put in your password. If you are not sure what it is then click on Forgot your password? and the site will send you an email


In case of problems, please email our Membership Secretary Dominic Osman-Allu at