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This is a page for Lewes AC members to share links to useful online articles on all aspects of training and racing.

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Some good sources of articles are: Competitor runningRunner's World (UK)Runners World (US)Run 247, and Science of Running

By the way an excellent source of running shoe reviews is




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7/12/14 GPS accuracy of Garmin, Polar and other GPS watches Andrew Chitty A  comparison of accuracies of different GPS watches and the iPhone 4s. Surpsiringly a Polar, some older Garmins, and the iPhone 4s came out as most accurate.


What is the optimal long run pace?

Runners Connect

Andrew Chitty

Summarises the research on the best paces and times of long runs, concluding that 2/3 of 5k pace for 90-120 minutes is about optimal


Running technique: why form matters

The Guardian

Mike Green

An article to remind yourself how important good form is to efficient running and injury prevention.


The effect of attentional focus on running economy 

Journal of Sports Sciences (2009)

Andrew Chitty

A study that found a nearly 10% improvement in running economy in runners who focused externally on the environment rather than internally on their running movement


How they train - Scott Overall

Athletics Weekly

Mark Cage

A look at an Olympic Marathon runner's weekly training schedule. Don't try to copy it!


Patellofemoral pain syndrome - runner's knee

Runner's World

Andrew Chitty

Good article on this injury, though to my mind the gait recommendations are a bit odd


Do compression socks work?

Competitor Running

Andrew Chitty

Survey of the evidence that compression socks aid running performance and recovery


Cramping my style


Andrew Chitty

Article suggesting that pickle juice stops cramps by sending a message from tongue to brain that stops central governor from generating cramps


How a Harder Warm-Up Can Help You Run Faster

Runners World

Andrew Chitty

Report of a study that suggests that more intensive warmups improve running economy














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25/1/16 The Art of Running Faster Julian Gauter Wide-ranging advice on how to improve, focused on 5k/10k /cross country Lot of very helpful tips, especially on psychology. The focus is on training yourself to run faster rather than for longer. Andrew Chitty Andrew Chitty  
7/12/14 3:59.4: The Quest to Break the 4 Minute Mile John Bryant Story of attempts to break the 4 minute mile culminating in Roger Bannister Beautifully written, and insightful on why Bannister's run gained such a mythical status Andrew Chitty Mark Cage  
14/11/14 The Perfect Distance: Ovett and Coe Pat Butcher Story of the Ovett-Coe rivalry from stat to finish A bit clunkily written but gives a terrifying portrait of pushy parents Andrew Chitty Mark Cage  
14/11/14 Feet in the Clouds Richard Askwith Story of a journalist who takes up fell running A prolonged hymn to fell running with some extremely arduous race descriptions. A British 'Born to Run' Andrew Chitty Mark Cage  


You (Only faster)

McMillan, Greg

Training guide and plans for 5k to Marathon

Explains the different types of training sessions and guides you on personalising a training plan to fit your strengths and weaknesses.

Mark Cage

Mark Cage